My Life On Postcards


Dear Kenneth, As promised, a typical lunch conversation with J. J: What's your favourite meal? Me: What? J: What is… Me: I heard you, I am just surprised you're asking. What is the need to know about someone's favourite stuff? Besides, as soon as I would verbalise my favourite anything, it would automatically loose its value as such. J: Well, it's not that hard to answer, imagine if you would be sent to an island for the rest of your life and you could only bring one kind of meal, what would it be? Me: hmm, something poisonous, something that would kill me instantly. Look, it's like ordering your favourite dish when you're out with your girlfriend and then when you get to try hers you realise that you probably made the wrong choice. J: Thant means you are probably making the wrong choices. Me: No it's just that my favourites are limited to what I know. - You see what I have to go through here.